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The Delco Young Democast features news, interviews, tomfoolery, and the conversations that we want to hear about politics and society. Covering everything from Media to Harrisburg to Washington DC. Brought to you by the Delaware County (PA) Young Democrats.

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    Episode 15 Live From The Philadelphia Podcast Festival

    Mike, Pasquale, and Amanda are joined by Philly Young Dems Secretary Tom Nardi to talk about how the Philly and Delco youth wings interact with the Democratic Party, cannabis policy, yet another completely predictable pipeline mishap, and using spreadsheets and abacuses to track billions of dollars. Plus, we play another round of "What Did Millennials Kill This Week," Amanda fulfills a lifelong dream, the gang argues semantics, and Pasquale's sister wins the podcast.

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    Episode 14

    Mike, Amanda, and Pasquale discuss Amanda's week at Yale University for the Women's Campaign School, the continuing tone-deaf egotism of State Sen. Daylin Leach, some poll numbers that make us happy for once, a round of "What Did Millennials Kill This Week" with a Shyamalan plot twist, and the joys of Bluetooth connectivity.

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    Episode 13

    Mike and Pasquale talk about the Mariner East 2 risk assessment, learn about "coordinated campaigns" through Pasquale's new job with the PA Dems, discuss conservative groups paying their interns, and have a couple healthy glasses of wine. Plus, we welcome our younger Generation Z friends to the fold with "What Did Millennials Kill This Week?", and get really super like stereotypically Italian at a couple different points.

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    Episode 12 Primary Wrapup

    Mike, Amanda, and Brian discuss the 2018 General Primary in Delaware County and across Pennsylvania. They review the primary process, discuss voter turnout, share outrageous tales of working and volunteering, review the winning candidates, and sing a jaunty little tune. Then, the gang answers listener questions about the Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas, engaging young voters, not trusting anybody over 30, balancing leadership with the will of the people, and pie. Plus, one of the easiest rounds of "What Did Millennials Kill This Week?" ever, and a couple of BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS.

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    Episode 11 with Lindy Li

    Mike, Pasquale, and Amanda have a particularly loose conversation about Amanda's acceptance to the Women's Campaign School at Yale University, the completely normal and boring 7th Congressional District special election, whether millennial enthusiasm for the Democrats is stalling out, our campaign for Democratic State Committee, a very special edition of What Did Millennials Kill This Week, and Geoffrey the Giraffe's terrible, terrible secret. Then, Pasquale and Mike sit down with Lindy Li, candidate for the 5th Congressional District, for a chat about gun policy, campaign finance reform, youth in politics, and food once again.

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    A Fire Side-Chat with Anton Andrew

    Mike, Amanda, and Noah sit down with Anton Andrew, candidate for the 160th PA House district, to talk about environmental advocacy, self-directed learning, Jamaican politics, and, because it's the Democast, food.

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    Episode 10 with Mary Gay Scanlon

    Mike and Pasquale discuss human dumpster Rep. Daryl Metcalfe's Facebook rant for the ages, Pasquale's trip to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee's National Candidate Training, Pennsylvania's voting machines entering the 21st Century, What Did Millennials Kill This Week, the Young Dems' upcoming PA-5 candidates debate, and and Delco's death-defying top rope finishing move. Then, Noah and Mike sit down with Mary Gay Scanlon, candidate for the 5th US House District, about voting rights, charter schools, organizing the airport response to the Muslim Ban, and weird names for pets.

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    Episode 9 with Rich Lazer

    Mike, Amanda, and Noah discuss the recent Delco Dems nominating convention forth 5th Congressional District, are completely surprised by Republicans destroying an anti-gerrymandering bill, discover that Paul Ryan was That Guy in high school, ask What Did Millennials Kill This Week, and talk about why we shouldn't body-shame Reince Priebus. Then, Noah and Mike sit down with Rich Lazer, Democratic candidate for the 5th US House District, for a chat about organized labor, universal pre-K, Philly vs. Delco, and easy answers to complex questions.

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