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The Delco Young Democast features news, interviews, tomfoolery, and the conversations that we want to hear about politics and society. Covering everything from Media to Harrisburg to Washington DC. Brought to you by the Delaware County (PA) Young Democrats.

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    Episode 9 with Rich Lazer

    Mike, Amanda, and Noah discuss the recent Delco Dems nominating convention forth 5th Congressional District, are completely surprised by Republicans destroying an anti-gerrymandering bill, discover that Paul Ryan was That Guy in high school, ask What Did Millennials Kill This Week, and talk about why we shouldn't body-shame Reince Priebus. Then, Noah and Mike sit down with Rich Lazer, Democratic candidate for the 5th US House District, for a chat about organized labor, universal pre-K, Philly vs. Delco, and easy answers to complex questions.

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    Episode 7 Petition Special

    Mike, Gina, Pasquale, Joi, Amanda, and Brian all take some time in the last weekend of petition signing to talk about how candidates actually get on the ballot, getting stuck inside voters' houses, road trips, our cats, the tragedy of sever lag, and non-traditional wine pairings.

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    Episode 6 with Tanner Rouse

    Mike, Amanda, and Gina are joined by Rob Yannuzzi, part of the Eddystone Democratic Committee, to discuss finding Democrats in emerging areas, expecting the best from our elected officials, and the completely preventable tragedy at Douglas High School in Florida. Then, Gina, Mike, and Amanda speak with Tanner Rouse, candidate for Pennsylvania's 26th Senate District, about justice reform, knowing what you don't know, What Did Millennials Kill This Week, and the Young Dems' unreasonable pizza demands.

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    A Fire Side-Chat with Tim Kearney

    Mike, Amanda, and Gina chat about climate change, green buildings, education funding, and ukuleles with Tim Kearney, candidate for Pennsylvania's 26th State Senate district.

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    Episode 5 with Kristin Seale

    Mike, Amanda, and Pasquale talk serious and make goofy-goofs with Kristin Seale, candidate for the 168th PA House district. The gang talks about the thousands of candidates running for Delco's congressional seats, compare metaphorical canvassing scars, finally shine some light into the County Council chambers, discuss criminal justice reform and energy policy, ask "What Did Millennials Kill This Week?", and debate the relative merits of Thorgy Thor.

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    A Fire Side-Chat with Drew McGinty

    Mike, Amanda, and Gina chat about the ACA, climate change, finding common ground, and energizing moderates with Drew McGinty, candidate for Pennsylvania's 7th US House of Representatives district.

    The first of Drew's "Commitment to Dialogue" conversations with Sam Temple (Republican candidate for TX-21) is on Monday, January 29, 2018 at 7:30, and you can watch live on Facebook or YouTube.

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