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The Delco Young Democast features news, interviews, tomfoolery, and the conversations that we want to hear about politics and society. Covering everything from Media to Harrisburg to Washington DC. Brought to you by the Delaware County (PA) Young Democrats.

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    Episode 23 with Michel Lee

    Mike, Amanda, and Michel sit down for a conversation about the local elections coming up in 2019, what a State Representative's office actually does, how to get people the help they need, what we're going to do with our $25 tax cut, respond to Councilman Brian Zidek's statement on Delco's Corruption Tax, and remember former Delaware County Democratic Chair Cliff Wilson. Plus, we have another increasingly inaccurate conversation about What Did Millennials Kill This Week?, everyone talks about how hungry they are for 20 minutes, we reveal the unspeakable things Brian does to mozzarella sticks, and Amanda rolls for initiative.

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    Episode 22 Election Wrap-up

    Mike, Amanda, and Pasquale sit down for a conversation about the November 6th election, voter turnout vs. voter suppression, the cost of living in Washington DC, and vodka neat. Then, "honorary" Young Democrat Brian talks about the Veterans' Caucus and how he's chosen to continue his service, we have kind of a dark conversation about what millennials did and did not kill this week, Mike invites the audience to his wake, and Pasquale accidentally stumbles upon his life's passion.

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    Episode 21 with Gwen McCullough

    Mike and Amanda sit down with Gwen McCullough from the Haverford Democrats and Delco Young Dems, to talk about the Delco Coalition for Prison Reform, and how she balances activism with electoral politics. Then, the gang discusses Scott Wagner's seriously concerning public meltdown, township employees caught on camera, "What Did Millennials Kill This Week?", the strength of Delaware County's yard sign game, whether rock bottom actually exists in 2018, and plumbing gone terribly, terribly wrong.

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    A Fire Side-Chat with Damien Christopher Warsavage

    Mike talks with longtime Upper Darby resident and activist Damien Warsavage about his family's battle with substance abuse, the state of treatment and recovery in Delaware County, a brief history of Save Upper Darby Arts, and building bridges.

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    Episode 20 with Samantha Newell

    Mike and Amanda talk with Rutledge Borough Council member Samantha Newell, Delaware County's youngest elected official, about the amount of coffee required to keep a law student functioning, the glaring difference between Dave Delloso and Mary Hopper, former Upland Borough Council President Ed Mitchell's 29-year oopsie, construction sandals, and whether Halloween candy taxation is theft. Plus, we flip the script on"What Did Millennials Kill This Week" and Sam tells the most relatable story ever about Sears.

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    A Fire Side-Chat with John Fetterman

    Mike, Amanda, and Pasquale speak with Mayor John Fetterman, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Recorded live at the Pennsylvania Young Democrats Convention on August 18th, 2018.

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    Episode 19 Live From The PA Young Democrats Convention

    Mike, Amanda, Pasquale, and a whole bunch of new and old friends visit the Pennsylvania Young Democrats Convention in Harrisburg, to discuss the city, the show, and where the Young Dems are headed.

    Thanks to Zainab Javed and Anthony Zarzycki for use of their presentations.

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    Episode 18 with Catherine Coll

    Mike and Amanda talk with activist and Lansdowne Democratic Committee member Catherine Coll about complementing activism with politics, the political history and present of Lansdowne, the Drexeline Conspiracy, advanced trolling techniques, and the chant you're supposed to do when a protester gets arrested. Plus, Mike takes absolutely zero responsibility for "What Did Millennials Kill This Week," and we get hungry at least a couple of times.

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    Episode 17

    Mike, Amanda, Nicole, and Pasquale talk abut literal garbage man Scott Wagner disrespecting everyone, review County Council awarding more no-bid contracts to Republican donors, give the Delco GOP some unsolicited advice, take a different approach to "What Did Millennials Kill This Week," mutilate our bodies to fit into some red-bottom Louboutins, and finally, FINALLY sell out.

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    Episode 16

    Mike, Colleen, and Amanda sit down on a Very Special Episode of the Democast to talk about education funding and student activism, share coping strategies for the nightmare hellscape that is 2018, shout out state House campaigns, play "What Did Millennials Kill This Week," ask the audience for a suggestion, and admire Mike's intense vocal fry.

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